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Meteor Co-opérative: Cerebrate & Celebrate

A session for members (and potential members) on Monday evening, June 24th, at the Haileybury Pavilion. This is a crucial point in the development of the cooperative before summer arrives.  Jocelyn and Nicole have brought the venture to this point but community members need to lead and continue the development.  The turnout for this meeting will be key to the future of the project. 

Agenda for the evening: 

  • 6:30pm: Introduction

  • 6:45pm: 'Values' game: what are some of our shared key values upon which we want to build the foundation of the Meteor Co-opérative?

  • 7:15pm to 8:15pm: How can we provide value to our community? Break-up in smaller groups to discuss ideas on what the Meteor Co-operative can offer, and to whom.

  • 8:15pm to 9 pm: Sharing of ideas, and action plan development.

  • 9pm to 10pm : Campfire, music, and... S’mores!

Please feel free bring a friend or family member that you think might want to be part of this exciting project for our community.  They can become member after the event if they feel this is something they want to join!

P.S.  Bring your own chair!